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You are what you eat

So what's a Cancer supposed to feast for his birthday?

Before moving on to the mouth watering droolage pictures, here's my amusing horoscope:

Today's birthday
(July 20) This year represents a return to the levels of excitement and hope you held in childhood. Nurturing relationships figure into the equation. August turns up your ambitious drive -- a goal is reached in October. Places you see in November are mind-expanding and beautiful, but make you appreciate home. Aries and Scorpio people are fellow adventurers. Lucky numbers are: 2, 12, 3, 20 and 35.

I'm cracking up at the "return to childhood excitement" bit and can't wait to see what corner of the world will I be in November! On the top of my list is Nepal so let's hope there'll be a cheap tix around that time :)

Poor little sideway crustacean

One humongous crab + lots of chili garlic & green onions = a happy Cancer

You can't expect me to be content with just one dish, can you?

The place: Chili Crab Under the Bridge
The verdict: 3 claws out of 5. One of the locals recommended this place to us. As the name suggested, the garlic chili crab pictured above is their signature dish. We were obliged to order the dish even though it has a pricey tag of HK$400ish. Since I just came back from Nha Trang, VN where I feasted on lots of fresh seafood for a fraction of the price, this was definitely an eyebrow raiser. My disappointment with the dish has nothing to do with the price but of the way they cook the dish. The fresh crustacean was deep-fried 'til oblivion. Its shell was brittle and the meat lost its moist and fresh characteristic. It's overwhelmed by a mound of house special mixture of garlic, salt & chili. Be forewarn that although we chose the "just a little spicy" option, the heat was a tastebud killer. The other dish, a bountiful plate of clams swimming in a sea of garlic & spices combined with a hoisin-based sauce receive a lipsmacking thumbs up by both of us. I wish there was a hard baguette handy so I can soak up the delicious sauce. We also ordered a seafood fried rice that actually have bits of real shrimp and other seafood. It wasn't bad but there was also nothing special to write about. Also offered to us gratis were a plate of chicken feet steamed in Chinese herbs and a refreshing soupy dessert with yams. Our bill for the food + beer & soda came out to be around HK$500 which puzzled us since we initially thought the crab alone was already $450??? I highly doubt it was a miscalculation since such miscalculations are almost always benefit the house rather than the patrons. Maybe the shoplady was enchanted by my crabby demeanor and decided to take pity on us? :)
So there you have it, my induction into the big 3-0 club resulted in a foodcomaed evening. Definitely a pleasant change from episodes of drunken debauchery of the past. Could it be I finally grow up? Nah..... perish the thought....


That chili crab surely looks amazing, as do the clams. Your seafood feast has made me so hungry! Even if I would have gone with a chocolate cake, your fruit covered concoction looks like the perfect end to such a delicious meal.

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