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Scruffy, the Dragonfruit slayer

*Chandler-voice* Coulddd there be anything more satisfying than tropical fruits on a hot summer day??

We snatched up this delightful and gorgeous specie from Taste Food Galleria , which is our favorite market in HK. The selections, quality and prices are much better than its competitor, CitySuper, in my opinion. Taste is like a combination of Whole Foods, Sutton Place Gourmet and Gelson's, wonderful markets found in the US.

Back to Hylocereus undatus, aka dragonfruit, aka pitaya or strawberry pear. They come in a few different flesh & skin color. We've tasted the widely available white flesh variety before but never seen this vibrant, deep purple flesh before so were rather excited. At HK$18 for two, it was a hella bargain since I've paid twice as much for one back at home before.

For those that've never seen or tasted dragonfruits before, they're usually compared to kiwis. The flesh type is sweet if you don't happen to pick an underriped one. Those that complain about dragonfruits having no taste usually have picked the wrong one or buying when the fruit's not in season. Commonly found in Vietnam, Thailand, they're very refreshing in a fruit salad or just by itself. I prefer them chilled and have lots of fun playing with the sesamelike seeds with my tongue and pop them with my teeth. Who says you can't play with your fruits!

We found this blatantly copied Magic Bullet last week (is there anything that can't be knockoff in China?) so decide to put it to good use.

The results were very good. Quite tasty and inexpensive compared to spending $$ at Hui Lau San to get our dessert fix. Gobble up some of the simple yet satisfying creations:

If anyone happen to be in Central/South America and can sneak the yellow skinned pitaya past Custom for me then my dragonfruit slaying battle will be complete.

Nice blog...Food and HK! Sounds like a good time!

In Viet nam, we also have dragon fruit but with red color. Very interesting blog with nice photos. Greetings from Viet Nam

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