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The obligatory inauguration

After months of indecisions and procrastinations, we finally decided to leave our footprints on this blogging phenomenon that's all the rage. Have you heard of it? Ok, it's not like we've been living in the jungle or stranded alongside Robinson Crusoe for the past decade. We each have/had our own blog here and there but this will be the first collaboration. I have a bad track record when it comes to upkeeping my thoughts in this format. My partner in crime, however, is a recovering blogaholic. So as you will see, it's a perfect collective effort to keep you entertained.

Me: a spelling Nazi with a penchant for colorful euphemisms. Well, Wiki is a bit harsh. I'm more of a spelling hall monitor. After all, i'm fresh off the boat so there are sure to be traces of my root along the way.

Her: a slightly poor speller who speaks and writes in terms of sounds & expressions. There will be comprehensible aiyahs and yey among others that only she can divulge.

What we do have in common is the love for food. We're not connoisseurs of any particular cuisine but we do have adventurous tastebuds. We will jump for joy at the sight of a hard to find leafy vegetable and sorely disappointed when a plate of food put in front of us have more greasy oil than Saudi Arabia. We have stood outside fancy restaurants while our stomachs growl but our wallets laugh all the way to our empty bank accounts. Nevertheless, we seek out any savory plat du jour that would send our tastebuds & braincells into an orgasmic state of confusion.

The other common denominator is our inability to stay in one place too long.
Our passports are glued to our backsides just for that quick getaway. Our friends rely on us as travelling companions. We both caught the travelbug during college years and still can't get it out of our systems now that we're supposedly grown-ups.

So grab a plastic spork and dig in, RSVP not required. There'll be morsels of tasty treats combined with interesting anecdotes of our trips to entertain you. Along the way, there'll be daily whinings of our temporary life here in Hong Kong.

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