Friday, August 18, 2006

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Literally.

We were hustling thru the crowded streets of Mong Kok when we were lured in by a sqawking lady selling...: Dumpling makers. This piece of cheap plastic probably doesn't cost more than fifty cents to make, yet we still fell suckers to the informercial.

We tried to rationalize that it was only $10 HKD, so it wouldn't break our budget if we'd "test" it out. J have been constantly teasing me about my lack of cooking skills, I was determined to make yummy dumplings to show that I'm not THAT incapable. The next day I bought ingredients and was ready for a challenge. It didn't turn out that bad, *phew* just a few reject ones so I was quite please.

Since I was on a roll in the kitchen, I decided to make this Asian Taro dessert paste. Off I went to buy all the ingredients and spent a good half day in the kitchen whipping this up. The conclusion is as follows:

After the dumplings and the dessert, the kitchen was still in one piece! Yay! A day that is worth blogging for future reference that I didn't burn down the kitchen or break anything.

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