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Silly tee or silly me

Haven't been sleeping well lately for various reasons. So as I was sleepwalking to the local mall to pick up my laundry, I spotted a grandma wearing a white t-shirt with noticeable pinkish writing that says: "Pussy Institute..." I did double and tripple take just to make sure my eyes weren't betraying me... Wish I had a camera handy :) Even here in Hong Kong, the land of counterfeit goods, I still get a kick out of seeing funny knockoff brand names and insane messages.

On a foodie note, I'm off to Vietnam for a week of R&R. Got my PDA set up with restaurants that were reviewed by various bloggers. Can't wait to give my two cents on those joints. I'll also be bringing home lots of goodies and seeds so A. can plant herbs & vegetables in our spare bedroom. Yes, I said bedroom!

Plane's flappity flap in 2 hours so I'm outtie. Keeping my fingers crossed that I won't be served the shitty food that noodlepie recently endured.

Crabs in Saigon:


All kinds of food reviews. Enjoy and please post reviews of the places you go, I'll be in Saigon for the first time in September.

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